Price competition in 3D printing market

According to Gartner,  spending on 3D printers is estimated to be at $669 million in 2014, a year-on-year growth of 62%. 3D printer vendors are in fierce competition to grab market share and prices have plummeted from over $20,000 to under a $1,000 now.  And with this comes the impending price war.   MakerBot has … Continue reading Price competition in 3D printing market

Avoid The Premium Position Trap

From: “Google and Facebook Fly Into Server World’s Bermuda Triangle” In many industries, established marker leaders are being challenged by low-cost competitors – competitors that offer “good enough” products and services at very low prices. In this article the low-cost threat is coming from “original design manufacturers” based in developing Asian countries. The article … Continue reading Avoid The Premium Position Trap