Another Freemium Casualty

Fotopedia, the photo encyclopedia  app, is shutting down. The company had everything going for it: Big name founders - The Founder/CEO was a former CTO at Apple's Application Division. 4 other co-founders were also former Apple engineers Significant capital - Raised $12.7M in funding Industry partnership - Partnered with Expedia Great PR and visibility: Voted “Best tablet app” in the 2011 Crunchies Enormous … Continue reading Another Freemium Casualty

Forget freemium. Monetize.

Image credit - TechCrunch If you are a developer, you are probably not too excited about this report from Gartner - unless you don’t care about profits. Gartner is forecasting that <1% of the apps on Apple’s app store will turn a profit by 2018. If you do care about profits, here is what you … Continue reading Forget freemium. Monetize.